Is Living in a Condo Worth It for Empty Nesters?

Condominium Living for Empty Nesters

A significant number of people are choosing condo living, but is condo living worth it for empty nesters? When the kids leave the nest, many parents contemplate downsizing their living space or carrying on with the burden of maintaining their large house.

Living in a condo is worth it for empty nesters as it provides them many advantages for an empty nester. Condo living means new opportunities for empty nesters as they move forward to their next stage in life. It can mean renewed independence, less home maintenance, and more personal time.

There are certainly pros to choosing a condominium over other types of residential properties. While a change in living conditions scares most people, this may open the possibilities to new experiences. If you still need convincing, then read on for the number of reasons why condo living may work better for you.

Empty Nesters Moving to a Condo

Should Empty Nesters Move?

As you get older, you may not want to be responsible for cleaning up your lawn or climbing up a ladder to fix your roof. Over time, steep staircases can make it challenging to maintain your house or even access certain rooms.

Empty nesters should move as many opt for condo living, where at least some of the upkeep is taken care of by management. It can be worth looking into choices that allow you to have a more active social life and take advantage of the amenities without worrying about extensive maintenance in the future.

What Do Empty Nesters Want in a House?

Empty nesters are more likely to prefer a property in a safe, established community with nearby grocery stores, gyms, and restaurants. This new phase of your life as an empty nester is packed with wonderful possibilities.

Now is the ideal moment to downsize from your existing home and relocate to a condo that better suits your evolving requirements and lifestyle. 

Reasons for Living in a Condominium

What Are the Reasons Why Living in a Condo Is Worth It?

Here are the reasons why living in a condo is worth every penny and a good investment for any empty nester.


Many condos provide residents with gated or locked entrances, doorkeepers, or even security personnel. Would you like the feeling of being able to go on vacation or visit the grandkids without the worry of getting robbed? I bet you do! It can be reassuring if you live alone or if security is a concern for you because it may lessen the chance of home break-ins. 

Furthermore, you will be living near a large number of other people, ensuring that you will have lots of people to turn to for assistance in the event of an emergency. 


With the kids leaving the nest and building ones of their own, a larger living space may seem quite lonely, so moving into a smaller one might ease the longing.

A smaller well-maintained house is better than a larger but harder-to-maintain space. A smaller area means a smaller space to clean. Think of what can be done with all those extra hours instead of cleaning a rarely used room! You could catch up on reading/ taking a vacation/binge-watching, or even get extra hours of sleep. Not to mention compact spaces also promote a minimalist lifestyle since fewer spaces need to be filled.

Empty Nesters Moving to a Condo


Many condo communities have facilities that are unavailable to the average homeowner. Condo living can give you access to gyms, courts, and pools, so staying fit and healthy could be a breeze.

Having a party? Condos have you covered! With their spacious clubhouses, you may never need to look for another venue again.

These conveniences might also make getting to know your neighbors much easier. This might be a massive benefit if you live alone or enjoy socializing.

Condo Management

Are you tired of keeping your yard maintained? Groundskeeping you down?

Well, you would never have to get your hands dirty mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow since condominiums have staff to maintain the property. Since  these are outdoor shared spaces, the cost may be significantly cheaper since they are  be divided among the members of the homeowners association (HOA)

Building Management

Condominium Living for Empty Nesters

The cost of getting the roof repaired can seem absurd. Having a pool may seem costly. How about having your trash collector, wall repair guy, or maintenance personnel? Building on the point made in bullet 4, maintenance is covered by your HOA fees.

Better Community Environment

Building upon the point that there are communal spaces, it will be easier to socialize with people with the same interests as you. HOA often hosts activities for the tenants. Activities can include doggy play dates or holiday parties. These usually are great ways to ensure that there is a good sense of community.

Closer to Goods and Services

You will usually find condominiums in the heart of a city. This provides easier access to restaurants and whatever services that you may fancy.

Living near a bustling downtown makes it simple to try new restaurants, go shopping, and attend live performances. You’ll likely get more exercise if you can walk or take public transportation because it’s easier to go out and about.

Great Resale Value

Condominiums may also be a way of living in the future. They can house more people for a lower price, with the rapidly growing population and finite space in prime areas. They can fetch a pretty good price in the market even if you decide to move out of your unit. 

Wise Investment

Even though you may choose to no longer live in your unit, you may lease it to interested individuals since these establishments cater to many potential customers.

Best Realtor

What Should Empty Nesters Do?

Empty nesters should resort to a condominium living. It offers excellent services and amenities and is often at the heart of the metropolis. Condo living gives you better access to a better lifestyle and gives you freedom financially and creatively since you would have to manage your space and your way of living.

Condo living also helps you meet people who might share the same hobbies since condominium units tailor-fit their amenities to their customers. So whether you may be a young empty nester who may enjoy sports or simply having tea on the patio, condo living should be able to cater to your desires.

Final Thoughts

As an empty nester, you may view condo living as an investment that appreciates over time or has another unit to lease to young professionals who may need it to get closer to work. 

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