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White Lake Township is a 37-square-mile area of forests, lakes, homes, and progressive economic development in the northwest section of Metro Detroit. The town has an “Up North” atmosphere because of its lake lifestyle and many outdoor recreation options.

Thanks to the area’s rural nature, any homes for sale sell quickly, as more people are looking for a peaceful township to live. There are historic properties from the 1930s and brand-new homes built for the discerning buyer who wants peace. White Lake is perfect for anyone who wants a rural lifestyle, but with the creature comforts of a home found in a more metropolitan location.

Homes in White Lake

Most of the homes in White Lake are on lakefronts, as the township has 21 lakes within its boundaries. There is something magical about living on a property that’s surrounded by water.  It can invoke feelings of constant vacation, or reminiscing about time spent with family and friends. 

Somehow, the lakeside always feels peaceful as you watch the sunset over the water. On White Lake, almost every type of lakefront home is available. Among the homes are small and large colonials, log homes, A-frame houses, massive ranches, and contemporary dwellings. 

Homes on White Lake can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $800,000, depending on the size and location of the property on the lake. Small lake houses, such as those found on most of Southeastern Michigan’s lakes, were built between the 1920s and 1960s, and they have since been restored and converted to year-round usage. New colonials and waterfront residences with all the contemporary comforts are also available.

Real Estate Market in White Lake

Taking data from Neighborhood Scout, housing prices in White Lake are below the national average. White Lake’s population is around 31,372, and the median house value in White Lake is $171,748. The single most prevalent housing type in White Lake is single-family detached houses, making for 80.51% of the town’s housing units.

Owner-occupied three and four-bedroom dwellings in single-family detached homes are the most frequent kind of housing in White Lake. Compared to the rest of the country, 88.73% of the homes in White Lake are owner-occupied, with 78.79% having three or four bedrooms.

White Lake Community

White Lake is a great place to work, live, and play, and it’s, and it’s one of the best getaways and relaxation destinations in the US. In White Lake, you get to enjoy all the best of the four seasons, with its expansive snow, river, and park attractions that will surely tickle your fancy.  

About 30 miles from Detroit, White Lake boasts a variety of local businesses and is within driving distance of top companies,, which boast a large employee population. From conventional neighborhoods to rural homes and properties, White Lake has many places to live for families of all different sizes, incomes, and budgets. The township develops its industrial hubs, focusing on computer and manufacturing industries.

White Lake residents enjoy a lot of relaxation and local dining opportunities that their friends and families will enjoy. White Lake is also nearby Oakland County International Airport, the 12th busiest general aviation airport. 

There are also many real estate and commercial, business, and industrial parks in White Lake that help boost the economy and provide more income and jobs for the residents of White Lake. 

Amenities and Vacation Spots in White Lake

White Lake has a lot of things to offer when it comes to relaxation and fun. Here are some of the things White Lake has to offer, based on information from Trip Advisor. 

Places to See in White Lake

  1. Indian Springs Metro Park

  2. Alpine Valley Ski Area

  3. Brentwood Golf Club

Places to Dine and Feast in White Lake

  1. Stella’s Table

  2. Billy’s Tip N Inn

  3. Dave and Amy’s

  4. Applebee’s

  5. White Lake Inn

  6. Skybox Sports Grill

  7. Sparkies Kitchen And Bar 

Jobs and Industries in White Lake

Across the US average, the unemployment rate is high. In White Lake,, and they, MI, though, jobs across various industries continue to hire as the economy remains strong. Service industries, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, contact centers, top Fortune 500 companies, among others, are posting job offers for the township’s citizens and nearby areas. 

Schools in White Lake

The students in  White Lake attend Lakeland High School, Huron Valley Schools, Waterford Schools, Clarkston Schools, Walled Lake Schools, and Holly Schools. White Lake is home to private schools like St. Patrick Catholic School and International Academy – West Campus, one of the best-known schools in the township.

Best High School

  1. Walled Lake Northern High School

  2. Holly High School

  3. White Lake Middle School

  4. Lakeland High School 

  5. Waterford Kettering High School

Best Middle School

  1. Clifford H. Smart Middle School

  2. Sashabaw Middle School

  3. Oak Valley Middle School

  4. White Lake Middle School

  5. Lakeland High School

  6. Waterford Kettering High School

Best Elementary School

  1. White Lake Middle School

  2. Dublin Elementary

  3. Houghton Elementary School

  4. Country Oaks Elementary School

  5. Lakewood Elementary School

The Best of White Lake

In 2020, Michigan was awarded as the top city for healthy living, according to Barbend. Michigan, which includes White Lake, is a state rich in wilderness and water activities. The state of Michigan has the world’s longest freshwater coastline and is the only state with access to all five Great Lakes

As a popular tourist location for outdoor activities, Michigan’s beaches, endless outdoor trails, national parks, and gardens encourage active lifestyle choices. Swimming and boating in Pontiac Lake, as well as watching the sunset from one of the hundreds of scenic viewpoints, are popular summer pastimes.

Highland State Recreation Area and Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area, and Alpine Valley are close. All of these recreation areas provide camping, horseback riding, bicycling, snowmobile paths, horseshoe pits, playgrounds, picnic shelters, swimming holes, and wildlife watching places.

There are four more parks within the township’s boundaries, and two golf courses, and a private horse farm on the property. The Dublin Senior Center offers a variety of activities for seniors like dancing and basic cardio.  As more facilities open to encourage active fitness routines, gym culture is expanding across Michigan’s main cities. 

Agriculture is Michigan’s most important industry, and it is assisting in the creation of an environment that encourages people to consume organic foods and buy at farmer’s markets, making it simpler to live a healthy lifestyle. 

History of White Lake

According to White Lake Historical Society, Congress formed the Territory of Michigan on June 30, 1805, which became a state in 1837. The county of Oakland was founded in 1819 and incorporated in 1820. 

White Lake was founded as a municipality in 1836. With 33.7 square miles of land and 3.5 square miles of water, White Lake Township covers 37.2 square miles. White Lake Township, a rural yet thoroughly contemporary location to live in, is one of the safest townships in the entire US, according to Best Places. White Lake is a quiet, gorgeous, and tranquil, township that will welcome you with open arms.


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